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How old are you? (We ask because “Nice Guy” Barriers manifest a little differently depending on your age.)

You’re sitting at a coffee shop with a girl you just met on Tinder. After a few minutes of talking she looks at the hat you’re wearing and says: “I don’t like when guys wear hats. I don’t think it looks very good.” What the best way to respond:

You are talking to a girl at a party. Things are going well and she seems really into you, but then another guy from the party walk over and she starts flirting with him. How should you handle it?

You're out on a date with a woman that you feel really attracted to. You can't tell if she likes you or not. What's the best way to find out?

True of False. If you try to sleep with a woman on the first date she’ll think you’re a player and won’t want to be your girlfriend.

You're talking to a cute girl that you just met in line at the Starbucks. She's funny and playful with you. You want to get her phone number. Which is the best way to do it?

You’ve been dating a woman for 3 weeks. Things are going very well, and you think you want her to be your girlfriend. What do you do?

You had a first date with a woman. It went well. At the end you kissed her for a few minutes, and there was some chemistry in the air. She had to get to bed because she had a meeting at seven the next morning. How should you follow up?

True or False. Women are only attracted to jerks or bad boys, and that is the real reason why “nice guys” always finish last.

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