About Us

Hey there,

You might be wondering what HighStatusHabits is all about. You also might be wondering why you should listen to me.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Bobby Rio and I’m glad you stumbled on my site.

I decided to call this website “HighStatusHabits” because I believe it’s at the heart of why so many guys struggle for so long with their love life. And I also believe that there is too much bad information out there on what women really want. And I wanted to create a place that men can find honest (sometimes brutally honest) advice on what they need to do to improve their dating life.

Back in 2010, I got together with the legendary dating coach Rob Judge. Although, we both had quickly developed amazing reputations for teaching shy or socially challenged guys how to flirt, how to create intense sexual attraction in a girl, and even how to quickly get a girl into bed, we were both extremely frustrated with the fact that so few guys were able to score that one girl they really wanted.

In fact, what we found was that there was an opposite correlation in that the more feelings you have for a girl, the less likely you are to get her. This definitely should not be the case.

Most guys understand they need to play the game, yet, most guys fail miserably at it. When it comes to the girls they really want, most guys don’t stand a chance.

Rob and I wanted to figure out what they were doing that was driving girls so quickly away. Both of us had studied this long enough to know it’s not looks, money, what kind of job you have or car you drive that gets a girl obsessing over you.

So why are some guys walking talking women repellants, while other guys seem to have a gravitational pull where girls just seem to flow to them?

We compared what these guys were doing – the guys who had an almost endless supply of girls stuck in their spider web all fighting to be their girlfriend – to what the average guy was doing. The guy who continually slits his own wrist with the girls he’s really attracted to.

You may not have heard of Rob or I, but together we have over 147,000 guys receiving our underground dating advice newsletters, and our articles and videos have been republished on thousands of different websites.

Point blank, when we give advice, people listen. The reason we’ve developed such a massive following is because we’re not afraid to call it like it is.

This site is a collection of what we found through our years of research.
HighStatusHabits.com contains all of the insights and discoveries we’ve distilled from hundreds of hours of consulting with men about dating and relationships.

I know that when I’m reading something on the internet I like to know that I’m dealing with a real live person. So this is a video Rob and I made discussing three of the most common “HighStatusHabits”.

3 “Nice Guy” Mistakes That Lead to the Friend Zone